Remix at Eden

I confess that there are certain questions that I badger God about. I ask over and over and over. Let me back up a bit with another confession. When I was a kid, my Mom used to say, “You can’t take on the whole world.” In my mind, I always responded, “Yes, I can.” I have a habit that I had not given much thought to until recently. If I am in a conversation with someone and another person comes up and asks, “What are you doing?” my answer is typically, “We just solved the problems of the world” or “We are solving the problems of the world.” I confess that every single time I read my Bible, I read with the expectation that God is going to reveal something to me that is a historical first! Every single time I pray, I believe that God wants to tell me something that He has never told anyone before. With the reading and the praying, both are anticipated so that I can take what God reveals and use it to benefit the world.

With that approach, I have asked God again and again, “What happened in the soul of an individual such that sexual crime became the outcome of their choices?” While most of us have not committed sexual crimes that violate the laws of the land, the majority of us cannot proclaim such innocence about violating the laws of God (waving my hand the highest). So, I let my mind drift back to the Garden of Eden and the condition of being naked and not ashamed. Specifically, Genesis 2:25 (KJV) reads, “And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.” Naked and not ashamed. Naked in the original Hebrew is arowm which means bare. The root word of arowm is aram which means to be crafty. Aha! Humankind’s original state was to be crafty and not ashamed.   The concept of being “not ashamed” meant that they were not disappointed. Keep all of that in mind as we move to the next piece of our “Remix in Eden.”

So we have our main characters – God, Adam, and Eve – but lurking in the background, perhaps even fresh from his lightning fall is Satan. He shows up in Genesis 3:1 as a serpent and is described as more subtle (crafty) than any beast of the field. Isn’t it interesting that Adam and Eve’s character of being crafty is not a negative as long as it is connected to not being ashamed (not being disappointed)? We could take that all the way to Judas and his shift from disciple to betrayer, but for now, let’s stay focused. The serpent shows up and makes conversation with Eve by introducing the possibility of becoming disappointed with God that He has not given Adam and Eve correct information. In particular, the serpent convinces Eve that God is withholding something from them that could make life better. It is presented as if God is concerned that mankind would become equal to Him, so it is a jealousy, competition, subservient, hierarchy angle for his argument that Eve should eat the fruit. What is it about the “knowledge” of good and evil that holds such unknown potential?

We get to Genesis 3:6-7 and in a very short period of time, Eve falls to the tactics of the serpent, eats the fruit, shared with Adam, and the immediately saw their nakedness differently. The scripture records their nakedness as a stand-alone condition and no longer attaches “not ashamed” to it. Remember that not ashamed meant not disappointed. With basic logical sequencing, we can reasonably suggest that now they are naked and ashamed, since the descriptor of not ashamed is no longer attached. When we are crafty and disappointed, we are no longer satisfied to allow God to set our environment and choose the people that are divinely appointed to our lives. That is a whole other discussion, so let’s pull it back around to the “Remix in Eden.”

The fall in Eden is so much bigger than fruit or nakedness. It is about a real Satan who hates God. Since he can’t touch God, he touches the heart of God – us. God said in Genesis 1:26, “. . . let us make man in our image . . . .” When Satan persuaded Eve, who in turn shared with Adam, Satan was saying, “I will REMAKE man in my image.”

Pausing while you think about it . . . .



About Dr. Kathy Williams

I am an adjunct faculty member at Harrison Business College. I am a full-time Chaplain in a men's correctional facility. I am the founder of New Day Community Ministries, Inc. and the most recent venture with New Day Consulting.
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