Scar Tissue and Leadership


Jeremiah asked a question, Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered” (Jeremiah 8:22)?  Daughter is feminine and can mean exactly what it says, but it is also a word that means personification.  For example, if we say a person is smart as a whip, it doesn’t mean they are a whip.  It means that the quickness and strength of a whip is personified in that person’s intelligence.

Recently, I was in prayer crying out to God, “Why are the people still not healed?”

God replied, “Who said they aren’t healed?”

Huh????  God????  “Come on, Lord, just look around!  People are broken and messed up!”

God asked me the question again, “Who said they aren’t healed?”  Huh????  Like many of us in leadership, Peter is a character of developing leadership .  Peter stayed with Jesus until the ascension.  He was in the upper room.  He preached a mighty word.  Also like us, Peter missed a critical part of process.  Peter went on to have issues that clearly reflect his lack of wholeness.  As an example, he acted one way when he was with the Gentiles and another way when he was with the Jews.  He professed spirit but he continued to live under law.  His healing became scar tissue.

Are we more like Peter than we are able to see or want to admit?  Are we afflicted by our healing?   Is there scar tissue where the wound was closed? Scars are patches of skin developed over a wound after an episode of a previous injury, burn or cut. They are often more thickened than the rest of the skin. Both the previous skin and the scar have the exact same component – collagen.  Many of you are struggling and you think you are struggling with an area of your life that you believe needs healing, but I pose to you that it is not a wound that needs healing but spiritual scar tissue that has become the problem.

Scar tissue is part of the normal healing process in the body. Scar tissue that has not been properly remolded can become a problem.  Collagen cells gather but they do not know how to distribute so they clump which results in scar tissue.  The scar tissue area requires therapeutic intervention so that it redistributes evenly and avoids becoming problematic.  Scar tissue that is untreated remains clumped and can actually cause limited mobility or other physical interference for various areas of the body.  Initial injury – we have coping mechanisms thus emotional, spiritual, and psychological collagen rushes to the scene.

A wound takes place and intervention follows.  Scar Tissue is your issue – it stopped the wound, it was collagen rushing to the scene.  Yet you have not rehabilitated the site to reintegrate the tissue into the whole of who you are. God is saying to us, “You have only trusted me for the initial phase of the process.  You left me out of the rehabilitation.  You have completely negated the necessity of rehabilitation.  Little wonder then that just like the prophet’s words, even though there is healing and balm, the health of the daughter of my people is not recovered.” 

Your 24K Leadership thought – does your scar tissue need therapy?  You are worth it!





About Dr. Kathy Williams

I am an adjunct faculty member at Harrison Business College. I am a full-time Chaplain in a men's correctional facility. I am the founder of New Day Community Ministries, Inc. and the most recent venture with New Day Consulting.
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