The gift of words

God has given me the gift of words, whether spoken or in writing.  Every gift requires faithful stewardship and a willingness to refine the gift as an art form.  My struggle at present is that I am striving to transform my doctoral project into a published book, and one of the tips for successful publication is to have an active blog with lots of followers.  Is it a misuse of my gift to blog solely for the sake of having someone else say, “Great thought!”  I think so.  The gift of words comes with the responsibility of words. I heard it said once, “The world began in silence.  When I speak, do I improve on that condition?”  Perhaps one of the issues within our world is that there are already far too many words that exponentially clutter our atmosphere with quantity while lacking quality.  With social media, is it true that all of us have something significant to say?  The worse thing we can do is take a gift and evolve into idolatry.  The gift becomes our focus more than the God who entrusted it to us.  Lord, I pray that I write only from divine inspiration and not from merely trying to gather followers.  Processing . . . .


About Dr. Kathy Williams

I am an adjunct faculty member at Harrison Business College. I am a full-time Chaplain in a men's correctional facility. I am the founder of New Day Community Ministries, Inc. and the most recent venture with New Day Consulting.
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One Response to The gift of words

  1. Very well said! I pray that I will always use my words to speak life into those who choose to listen.

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