My problem with blogging

I noticed that my last blog was posted on March 23, 2017. By blogging standards that is pathetic. One of the main reasons that I started to blog is a recommendation that it will help me be accepted to become a published author. I actually find that to be a conflict of terms because blogging is based on shortness and authoring is based on longness. I tell stories when I talk and when I write and blogging is like asking me to do a television commercial instead of writing the sitcom. I am probably already over the psychological word limit of blog readers. Maybe they are the bloggee and I am the blogger? Maybe I will be back later today and write something that will grab the attention of the serious blog audience. Even the label sounds rather blah. Please pray for me while I finish processing this whole blog situation.


About Dr. Kathy Williams

I am an adjunct faculty member at Harrison Business College. I am a full-time Chaplain in a men's correctional facility. I am the founder of New Day Community Ministries, Inc. and the most recent venture with New Day Consulting.
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